When Should you Give up on that Old Computer?

Computers last only so long. Sooner or later you’ll either have to do some computer repair on that old computer of yours or simply decide to abandon it. In this article I’ll give you tips to help you decide when you need to send your computer out to pasture.

How much will the computer repair cost you? What kind of repair you need to have performed on your computer and the relative cost of that repair can help you make the choice to walk away from fixing that computer. Most computer repair shops will offer you a free estimate before they perform the repair. Smaller computer shops are more likely to offer free estimates that larger shops. If the computer shop you usually go to won’t give you a free estimate, consider finding one that will.

Most software repair problems will cost you under $100 and won’t usually be a reason to ditch your computer. Keep in mind that a newer computer in and of itself, won’t stop you from getting a virus, or some nasty spyware and such. You still need to have anti-virus software installed and up to date. One exception to this advice though is if your computer is running an older operating system because it won’t / can’t run the latest patched operating system out there. In that case, buying a new computer would in fact help you avoid software related problems in the future.

Sometimes, it isn’t the one repair that is expensive but the need for multiple repairs over a short period of time. I have an old Thinkpad 600X that is over seven years old. At first, I reasoned that I only needed a few repairs (which I was able to do myself). I replaced the battery, I added new memory and I replaced my keyboard. All of this cost me about $200. Now my hard drive has developed some problems and I’m looking at another $100 or so to replace it. Last Thanksgiving, I would have been able to get purchase a brand new laptop for as little as $400. This new laptop had many features lacking in my old computer laptop like a DVD player, more memory, a larger LCD screen and more. Sometimes, it makes more sense to purchase a new computer than to keep repairing an old one.

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether that computer repair makes sense or whether you need to look at buying a new computer. Many different factors can come into play but ultimately, it’s about getting things done with a computer whether your old one or a new one.